It is a family business founded in 1996, belonging to the Coral Holding Group, established since then in the Free Zone of Colon located in The Republic of Panama.

We are located in one of the most important multimodal centers in the region, enabling user enhance logistics and strategic efficiency of collection and distribution flows.

Currently we have three Subsidiaries that meet the different product lines in which we specialize.


Our mission is to establish strategic alliances to maximize the sales and profitability of our customers and suppliers by:

  • Keeping a high level of loyalty not only to our suppliers but more importantly to our customers.
  • Direct and constant communication with our suppliers and customers.
  • Safeguard the guidelines and brand strategies of the different lines.
  • Nurture a long and rewarding relationship with our customers and suppliers.


To achieve and maintain a leadership position in the distribution of the products we market in the region:

  • Logistical support and immediate availability.
  • Steady and efficient supply.
  • Availability of a portfolio of quality products and prestige.
  • Professionalism and high level of our commercial capabilities as well as support from our staff.
  • Dedicated work per brand.
  • Promotional activities based on the strategic objectives set for short, medium and long term.
  • Advertising based on local markets.
  • Training sessions for our customers‘ sales force.
  • Systematic contact with our customers.
  • Investment projects.


Our company specializes in the direct distribution of factory made beauty products, especially cosmetics, prestige perfumery, personal care and hairdressing products. In STARCO, our aim is to explore the marketing versatility of our brands, capitalizing in our vast experience in traditional and non-traditional markets; while maintaining our commitment to fully develop our brands in local markets in Central America as well as the Caribbean.

Our distributor status is guarantee and supported by the suppliers/manufacturers of our products. Their support allows us to strongly protect the interest of our partners in each country while satisfying the demand for our products in the markets in which we are operating..

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